About Us

EXUS is an enterprise software company with premises in Athens (GR) and London (UK) and its flagship product is the acclaimed “EXUS Financial Suite (EFS)”.

EXUS AI Labs, the R&D department of EXUS, is conducting research in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), harnessing the power of data for solving problems in multiple domains of human activity. Our ambition is to design and implement AI, cutting-edge, prototype solutions that support professionals in the fields of Health, Security, Creativity & Learning among others, while adding value to our product’s customers. Over our 25-year history, AI labs have participated in numerous European research programmes being in several occasions the coordinator of complex projects in the above fields.

Our people - Our values

AI Solutions Architect

We are eager to learn and explore 

Software Dev Ops Engineer 

We are transparent and direct​

Team Leader - Research Consultant

We ​are frugal and we do not waste resources


We are passionate and fun, never cynical or sarcastic​

Machine Learning Engineer

We are fanatically disciplined, deliver on our promises


We put the greater good first​

Chearful business team in office meeting. Team spirit. during the conference in office

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